10 Great Low FODMAP Supermarket Foods


10 Great Low FODMAP Supermarket Foods

If you’ve just started a low FODMAP diet or are a seasoned FODMAPPER, I’m sure you’ll agree that grocery shopping is a: one of the hardest parts, and b: more expensive on a low FODMAP diet.

Well, as gut health dietitians we know that food should not only taste good, but it should be easy to prepare and help you feel good too. Without increasing stress. So today we bring you our favourite low FODMAP foods that you can get at your usual supermarket.


Dark chocolate rice cakes from Table of Plenty (low FODMAP by ingredient). Wholegrain rice cakes topped with vegan dark chocolate. These are low FODMAP by ingredient, dairy free and gluten free.

Chocolate Maple bars by FODMAPPED for YOU (Certified low FODMAP). FODMAPPED for you make a range of dedicated low FODMAP recipe bases, quick meals and snack foods. This week we’re loving snacking on the chocolate maple bars

Melting Moments by Kez’s Kitchen (Certified low FODMAP). If you’re feeling the need for something decadent, look no further! These never last long in our house because everyone loves them.

Lactose free ice cream by Peters (low FODMAP by ingredient). tastes like real ice cream because it is real ice cream with lactase added to break down the lactose. The lactase makes this ice cream easy to digest so that you can simply focus on enjoying every creamy mouthful.


Teriyaki sauce by Ayam (low FODMAP by ingredient). This teriyaki sauce is mild and sweet with a hint of ginger and the best part, no onion or garlic! Ayam Teriyaki sauce is perfect for a quick and easy low FODMAP marinade or stir fry.

Portuguese chicken seasoning by Masterfoods (low FODMAP by ingredient). said low FODMAP was bland! This onion and garlic free spice mix packs a punch in the flavour department. If you like is spicy, this is for you. If you have more sensitive taste buds, this goes a long way

Infused oils by Cobram Estate (Certified low FODMAP). We cant leave out the Cobram Estate infused oils. These are a staple in eery FODMAPPERS panty and a great low FODMAP way to get the depth of onion or garlic back in your cooking.

Curried Sausages recipe base by Masterfoods (low FODMAP by ingredient).  This one is a surprising find. It’s part of the standard Masterfoods range and is coincidently low FODMAP too. Again a greta product for even the fussiest FODMAPPERs.


a2 Lactose free milk (Certified low FODMAP ). a2 lactose free milk is currently the only cow’s milk that is Monash low FODMAP certified. Giving you the delicious taste of a2 only milk with no a1 protein and no lactose

Spelt and sprouted grains sourdough by Alpine bread (Certified low FODMAP). Alpine bread low FODMAP sourdoughs are produced by a slow sourdough fermentation process that lowers the FODMAPs without lowering the taste. So yes, You can still enjoy great bread on a low FODMAP diet



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