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Everyday Nutrition founder, Accredited Practising Dietitian and gut health expert, Joanna Baker has suffered with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and food intolerance first hand. She knows all to well what it is like to live life with an unpredictable gut and dietary restrictions.

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How my passion came about

My passion for digestive health stems from a lifelong battle with IBS. I was only 12 months old the first time my mum took me to the doctor about my gut issues. Back then there was no low FODMAP diet, and she was told I was just a “gutty” baby and I would grow out of it. Well I grew into a “gutty” teenager and a “gutty” adult. My IBS was affecting my work life, my social life, my intimate life and even my moods.

It wasn’t until I decided to leave nursing to retrain as a dietitian after my son was born that I discovered that I didn’t have to just live with my “sensitive gut”. I discovered that by changing my diet I could get dramatic results and I could be in charge of my gut instead of my gut being in charge of me!

I knew that as a dietitian, that I wanted to help people like me resolve their gut issues and fall in love with food again. I want to see people start going out to social events without being fearful or anxious about what their gut will do. The more I realized what a difference I could make to improve my clients quality of life, the more inspired I am to help people just like you get back in the driver’s seat and start living life without your gut getting in the way.

Joanna consults privately in one-on-one and group settings. Additionally, she has written for several publications including the Healthy Food Guide magazine, FODMAPPER magazine and Australian Gluten Free Life magazine. She has appeared on Channel 7’s ‘The Intolerant Cooks’, alongside Karen Martini and Richard Barassi. Joanna is also a professional speaker and has presented to health care providers and publically around Australia and internationally in the USA on the low FODMAP diet and food intolerance. Joanna also has experience working with food industry providing assistance with FODMAP based content, education and product development.

Joanna is a passionate advocate, communicator and educator in the fields of gut health, nutrition and wellness. She is on the Adverse Food Reactions committee with Dietitians Australia and sits on the advisory board for the Master of Dietetics course at Deakin University. Joanna regularly writes for several leading publications and contributes to the ongoing dialogue around nutrition and health through the widely-read Everyday Nutrition blog.

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Media & Speaking Opportunities

Joanna is available for a variety of speaking and media opportunities, such as;

  • feature article and editorial writing
  • providing quotes for journalists advice for food industry partners
  • public speaking events
  • professional education seminars

Resources For Professionals

A growing number of people are seeking the trusted advice of healthcare professionals to assist them in the diagnosis, treatment and management of gut health issues. We’ve put together a range of resources for healthcare professionals and their patients. These resources are designed to educate patients and healthcare professionals about IBS diagnosis, medical management, dietary intervention and the low FODMAP diet.