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10 Great Low FODMAP Supermarket Foods

November 2,2018

Joanna Baker APD & RN
​Grocery shopping is one of the most complicated parts of following a low FODMAP diet. Labels are hard enough to decipher, but when they start to call the same ingredient by a variety of different names it becomes near impossible… is it chicory root or is it inulin or vegetable fibre… confusing right? To make matters more complicated we have low FODMAP foods that become high FODMAP in larger serves. This means we are left to make an “educated’ guess as to if the product is low FODMAP and what the serve size might be ok… if we guess the wrong serving size it might send us running to the bathroom.

To get you started, the Everyday Nutrition dietitians have complied a list of 10 great low FODMAP supermarket foods that you can confidently throw in your shopping trolley:

(F)= Low FODMAP certified
(I) = low FODMAP by ingredient

1. FODMAPPED for You (F)

​The top of our list are the FODMAPPED for You range. This is the world’s first dedicated low FODMAP range of sauces, stocks and soups. They are super easy to just open and enjoy or if you’re feeling creative are a great starting point for recipes like this recipe for Crispy Chicken with Green Curry from Alana at A Little Bit Yummy
​FODMAPPED for you sauces are available in supermarkets and online in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada.
​Photo credit: FODMAPPED for YOU

FODMAP food range

Bottles of Infused Olive Oil2. Cobram Estate Infused Oils (F)

​These products are ideal when you want to replace the garlic and onion flavour in your cooking. They are perfect for recapturing flavour without the FODMAPs! It’s great to know that FODMAPs are water soluble and not oil soluble. This means that you can infuse the flavour and aroma of onion and garlic into oil without the worry of an upset tummy. ​
Cobram Estate issued extra virgin olive oils are available in supermarkets and online in Australia and New Zealand.

​Photo credit: Cobram estate

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3. Kez’s Kitchen cookies. (F)

We all need a sweet treat occasionally, but that doesn’t mean you should end up in tracksuit pants feeling miserable. Kez’s kitchen agree that we all need that moment of bliss, and that food intolerances shouldn’t get in the way of flavours. Their certified FODMAP Friendly cookies are all of that, blissful, flavourful & low FODMAP. Everyone has their own favourite, master 9 loves the melting moments & my personal favourite is the Florentines.
​Photo credit: Kez’s kitchen

FODMAP friendly cookie mixFODMAP friendly cookie mixFODMAP friendly cookie mixFODMAP friendly cookie mix
FODMAP stock cubes

4. Massel 7’s Stock Cubes (I)

If you’ve been FODMAPing for a while, you most likely have come across these. These Vegan (yes even the chicken & beef flavours are vegan) stock cubes, state they are onion and garlic free and come in vegetable, chicken and beef varieties. They are only about 80 cents for a packet of 7 individually wrapped stock cubes. Just mix 250ml of water with 1 cube and voila low FODMAP stock.
Photo credit: Massel

FODMAP mayonnaise5. Heinz “Seriously Good Mayonnaise” (I)

​This classic creamy mayo has a low FODMAP ingredients list and is, well…seriously good! Enjoy on a salad or coleslaw, or mix it with lime zest, garlic infused olive oil, salt and pepper for a low FODMAP citrus aioli.
​Photo credit: Heinz

Picture6. Carmen’s Dark Choc & Espresso nut bars (F)

Quick and easy snack when your on the go. This nut bars are low FODMAP certified by Monash. They are packed with heart healthy roasted nuts & seeds, faitrade coffee beans and a drizzle of chocolate on top.
​Photo credit: Carmen’s

7.Masterfoods “Portuguese Seasoning” (I)
​This has got to be one of the only seasoning mixes with neither onion nor garlic. It does have a spicy kick, so if you don’t like that use it sparingly. I use it as a spice rub for BBQ chicken, but it is just as good with fish or when creating burger patties.
photo credit: masterfoods

Low FODMAP ice cream8. Over the Moo Dairy Free Ice Cream (I)

Missing ice-cream? This product range is perfect as it’s low FODMAP, vegan and dairy free. These coconut-based ice creams come in 9 smooth and delicious flavours.
Photo credit: Over the moo

9. Tofutti “Better Than Cream Cheese” (I)

This is a great option for those who are vegan or dairy free as well as low FODMAP. It does actually taste like cream cheese and is delicious as a base for a dip or on a bagel with smoked salmon. Compared to its dairy based counterparts, Tofutti “cream cheese” is lower in fat and sodium and contains no cholesterol. Soy can be a little confusing when it comes to FODMAPs. Its good to note that FODMAPs are types of carbohydrates. If the protein has been “isolated” (as seen in this product) it does not contain any FODMAPs.
Photo credit: Tofutti
Low FODMAP cream cheeseLow FODMAP cream cheese
Low FODMAP teriyaki sauce

10. Ayam “Teriyaki Sauce” (I)

​We love Japanese food and this sauce is a staple in our kitchens. It’s gluten free and contains no high FODMAP nasties like onion or garlic. I use it on chicken, fish or a stir fry to add some Japanese flair without the tummy ache afterwards.
Photo credit: Ayam

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