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Probiotics, Prebiotics & IBS

Joanna Baker APD & RN Your gut does more than just digest food; it also houses the trillions of healthy bacteria that make up your gut microbiome. While science is just beginning to understand

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Does your Period make IBS worse?

At Everyday Nutrition, we work with a lot of women, many of whom have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In our experience, it is common for women to report that their gut symptoms and tolerance

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Why do I react to Low FODMAP Foods?

Research shows that about 75% of people will get a significant and consistent improvement in symptoms like bloating, gas, abdominal pain and altered bowels following a low FODMAP diet. That’s about 3 in 4

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Understanding Food Chemical Sensitivities

Food chemical sensitivities are different to FODMAPs, but they can cause similar IBS symptoms including bloating, wind, pain, constipation and diarrhoea. Interestingly, in some people they also can cause skin, sinus or neurological symptoms

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Understanding IBS

What is IBS? IBS is a chronic functional condition. This means that the bowel looks normal, but doesn’t function normally. For this reason, there is no blood test or diagnostic procedure that can identify

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The low FODMAP diet Australia wide is super effective at easing bloating, pain and diarrhoea. If you’re one of the lucky (or unlucky) ones with constipation dominant IBS, you may find that FODMAP helps

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Mindful eating & IBS

We’ve all heard of mindfulness, but have you been introduced to mindful eating?  This approach is about bringing all your senses to the table, being present in the moment and really immersing yourself in

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Meet Joanna


Joanna is a passionate advocate, communicator and educator in the fields of gut health, nutrition and wellness.