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Our Services

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Low FODMAP Diet

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a distressing and discomforting condition for sufferers. Symptoms such as bloating, constipation, cramping and diarrhoea are unpredictable, but can be managed with a low FODMAP diet. Our team of nutritionists and dietitians can help alleviate your symptoms, allowing you to rediscover your love of food again.

Food Intolerance & RPAH/Failsafe Diet</h2

Food intolerances and chemical sensitivities can also cause digestive discomfort and disrupted bowel habits. Our fully accredited dietitians and nutritionists have been trained to implement the RPAH food elimination diet. Working together, we can strategically eliminate and then reintroduce certain foods to diagnose your food sensitivities.

Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition that creates abdominal symptoms and compromises nutrient absorption, leading to serious health complications in the long term. A coeliac diagnosis can be overwhelming and distressing, and our team is here to help guide you through the changes that will help develop the right eating habits.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Crohns & Colitis

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the two main types of irritable bowel diseases. These autoimmune conditions create inflammation along the digestive tract, causing serious health implications. Diet plays a critical role in managing IBD, in order to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Our dietitians can help you understand and manage your condition.

Fructose Malabsorption

Fructose malabsorption occurs when fructose absorption in the gut is reduced, causing symptoms such as bloating, discomfort, gas and diarrhoea. If you have persistent gut symptoms, our dietitians can help you understand fructose malabsorption and provide you with education about suitable food choices, recipes, products and meal planning.

Optimising Gut Health & Wellbeing

Gut health is vital to our overall sense of wellness. If you are experiencing a range of digestive symptoms, seeing our gut health specialists can help restore balance to your health. Symptoms like constipation, bloating, cramping, gas, reflux and diarrhoea can be alleviated and managed by our team of accredited dietitians and nutritionists.

Publications, Media & Content Development</h2

Our gut health team are highly-trained dietitians and nutritionists who regularly write for a range of media and publications. They are available to provide quotes to journalists and to provide advice to our partners in the food industry. We are also available for public speaking events and professional education seminars and workshops.

Medical Professionals

Are you a medical or healthcare professional? We’ve put together a range of information sheets, fact sheets and referral forms that you can download from our website to pass on to your patients. Our team is highly regarded for their gut health expertise, and we are committed to sharing our knowledge with our fellow health care professionals.