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The FODMAP Collective

$17.00 / month and a $44.00 sign-up fee

This is a subscription product — $44 joining fee and $17 per month thereafter.

​FODMAP expert dietitians and the support of a group to guide you through your FODMAP journey. Join us for fortnightly live Facebook live videos, recipes, challenge schedules and more!

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As FODMAP expert dietitians, we know how difficult the low FODMAP diet can be. Overwhelmingly, feedback we have received is that a food list just doesn’t cut it, and hands-on support and guidance with an expert dietitian is what is needed.

At Everyday Nutrition, we want everyone to be able to access the support they need to soothe their gut, pinpoint their triggers and find their Happy Place.

So we’ve created an online program where you can get the support you need to move forward in your FODMAP journey, wherever you live and whatever your budget!

The Everyday Nutrition FODMAP challenge is an online course that provides the support of a group and the guidance of a FODMAP expert dietitian.

Challenges are run fortnightly, rotating continuously through all of the FODMAP groups. Since challenges can be done in any order, you can join in at any time.

As part of our community, you will receive:

  • Clear instructions for each FODMAP challenge
  • Education, knowledge and skills to identify your triggers and determine your level of tolerance
  • A structured challenge program designed by experienced FODMAP expert dietitians
  • Guidance with reintroducing FODMAPs
  • Learn about other triggers for gut upset and how these can be managed
  • Resources to help you on your way
  • Recipes
  • Written and live video instructions
  • Label-reading guidance
  • Meal and snack ideas
  • Access to private Facebook group that you can safely ask questions and receive support along the way

Join our community now, and don’t struggle alone!

The fine print

  • There is a $44 joining fee and ongoing fee of $17 per month.
  • Initial payment is $44, then $17 per month thereafter.
  • Once the Private Facebook group has been joined, the joining fee and first months payment is not refundable.
  • Cancellations can be made at any time with 1 months’ notice in writing.