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The FODMAP Collective

$10.00 / month and a $44.00 sign-up fee

​​Are you frustrated by unpredictable, painful and embarrassing gut symptoms?

Make 2020 the year you identify your triggers and reclaim your life!

The FODMAP collective is an online group program that gives you live support and guidance from FODMAP specialist dietitians for less than the price of a coffee per week. We want to help you identify your triggers and remove the guess work so that you can enjoy food without fear and eat with confidence.

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Research shows that people who work with a dietitian:

  1. Get better symptom control
  2. Get more food back
  3. Are more confident shopping and label reading i.e. save money at the checkout by not needing expensive specialist products.
  4. Find eating out and traveling less daunting
  5. Feel empowered by having a better understanding of FODMAPs


The FODMAP diet is complicated and a lot of information misses the intricacies, leaving people confused and frustrated.

In The FODMAP Collective Joanna & Marnie will guide and support you to identify your triggers and remove the guess work, so you can once again enjoy food without fear and eat with confidence. Ultimately, you will be in charge of your gut, instead of your gut being in charge of you!


Join before the end of January and get full access for all of 2020 for only $10 per month!


As part of our private community, you will receive:

  • Live video education and Q & A sessions on a fortnightly basis
  • All the resources you need to guide you through your FODMAP journey
  • Written and live video instructions
  • Meal plans
  • Recipes
  • Label reading guidance
  • Clear instructions for each FODMAP challenge
  • Education, knowledge and skills to identify your triggers and determine your level of tolerance
  • Learn about other triggers for gut upset and how these can be managed
  • Access to private Facebook group that you can safely ask questions and receive support along the way


Who are we?

Joanna Baker is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a Registered Nurse who loves food. Joanna has lived with IBS for longer than she can remember. Joanna knows how much impact it can have on your life but also knows how good it can be to have it under control and get your life back. This is what makes Joanna so passionate about helping people with IBS.

Marnie Nitschke Accredited Practising Dietitian who is passionate about digestive health. She has been using the low FODMAP diet since its inception and has helped thousands of people regain control of their life and begin to enjoy food again.


Join our community now, and don’t struggle alone!

The fine print

  • There is a $44 joining fee and ongoing fee of $17 per month.
  • Initial payment is $44, then $17 per month thereafter.
  • Join before the end of January and pay only $10 per month for all of 2020
  • This program is run through Facebook, and you must have a facebook profile to join.
  • Once the Private Facebook group has been joined, the joining fee and first months payment is not refundable.
  • Cancellations can be made at any time with 1 months’ notice in writing.