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5 Tips to Manage Life on a Low FODMAP Diet

November 1,2018

Living on a restricted diet can be tricky, whether you are just starting out or have been navigating the low FODMAP diet for a while, there are some simple strategies to help you succeed. 

Below are practical 5 tips for both eating at home and eating out, that will make day to day FODMAPs a breeze.

1. Get organised

Many foods can be prepared during the weekend or the night before.

  • Prepare salads with dressings and store in separate containers
  • Cut a variety of vegetables ready to cook for dinners during the week
  • Cook and freeze portions of meat or chicken for salads or sandwiches
  • Boil eggs for a quick snack
  • Cut up fruit ready to eat

2. Keep lunch simple

Life can be busy so get back to basics with simple and nutritious lunches made from wholefoods. Meat & vegetable sandwiches on suitable bread, simple chicken & rice salads or leftovers are quick all quick and easy options.
Quick tip: if your meal includes three different food groups it’s more likely to be nutritionally balanced.

3. Cook double portions at dinner & freeze leftovers

Leftover dinners are great for when you are running late home from work and are too tired to cook or for a quick and easy lunch. Having a few options in the freezer helps keeps variety.

4. Maintain interest

Try experiment by cooking old favourites in new ways or try a new fruit, vegetable or grain each week. For example:

  • Try making a risotto with quinoa, millet or buckwheat instead of rice
  • Use leftover chicken and vegetable soup to make a pie or pasta bake
  • Combine leftover vegetables with eggs and fresh herbs to make a frittata

5. Buying meals

​Some days it’s nice or necessary to eat out, and being prepared can ease the stress. Choose a restaurant or café that offers plain and simple dishes. Check out the menu beforehand and make a phone call to ask which dishes are able to be modified. It’s also helpful to remember that food intolerances such as FODMAPs or Failsafe are related to a threshold, this means if you keep your intake low during the day, you will have more room to move before you breach your threshold and symptoms occur. Some chefs can also be overwhelmed by too many instructions, know your main triggers and focus on avoiding those.
A few ideas may include:

  • Simple cuts of meat with vegetables (ask for dressing on the side).
  • Simple eggs with safe bread and sides.
  • Sandwiches made from safe bread with safe fillings.
  • Carry a few extra snacks, safe dressings or bread in your bag to help complete or add interest to a meal.
  • Avoid dishes that are cooked in stock or sauces like curries, soups or stews.

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